OMG Collection Select Dec 15

Collection select is kind of a badass. Imagine you have a collection of items. You want to choose one of these items from a form and send it back to the controller. The docs aren’t super helpful, so here ya go:

<% form_for @something do |f| %>

Git Config awesometown Oct 27

Oh haaay, remember me?

So gSchool Boulder has started a new class, and guess who are the new teaching assistants!?

Emily and Luke

Helping the students set up their computers reminded me of how important it is to know how to access and understand your git config...

Basic Active Record Validations Aug 4


Let’s play with Active Record Validations! We will start by cloning our user auth project from earlier. I will also add a “validations_start” tag to the resultant project from this project listed below.

I’m sure you know to “Red, Green...

So Totally Random Jul 14

I keep hearing that testing randomness is really hard. Maybe I got the insider scoop too quickly.. it’s totally easy! I’ll show you some cool tricks to make totally random totally your ally.

Let’s make a little dice game that we can play with. How...

User Authentication from Scratch Jun 29

Well, hello there <username>!

Today we are going to start a Rails User Authentication from scratch. This will go step-by-step through everything you need to create basic user registration and login. Basic, people, basic. You can make it pretty later...

Hone your Mad Git Skillz - Episode 3 Jun 23

It’s a Git-stravaganza!

This week we are going to cover a completely different workflow. If you traveled with me the last two weeks, you will remember that our resulting repository graph was a bit crazy… let me refresh your memory.

git merge log

Wow, look at...

Hone your Mad Git Skillz - Episode 2 Jun 16

Hurray! More Git!

Last week we covered the following terminal commands:

  • mkdir
  • cd
  • ls -a, ls -l, ls -al
  • touch
  • echo >> <filename>

And we covered the following git commands:

  • git init
  • git status
  • git add <filename>
  • git commit -m “<message>”
  • git add...

Make a Simple Felt Rug Jun 12

Yay for making beautiful daily use things!

Handstitched Felt Rug - blue side

I decided I needed a new rug for my bathroom sink. Being the crafty kind, I decided to make a project that had been rolling around in my head for years… a quilted felt rug. Simple really… just a few layers...

Hone your Mad Git (and Terminal) Skillz - Episode 1 Jun 9

If you have traveled a bit with me thus far, I may have exposed you to many different Git commands. Lets work through a pretty extensive overview of Git.

Let me start by recommending this video. This will give you a pretty solid understanding of the...

X-Men dudes have lovely shirts Jun 5

Have you seen the new X-Men movie, Days of Future Past? So much fun. But when I saw Wolverine’s shirt from the past, I was truly star-struck. Wha-what? Liberty of London shirt? Swoon!

Libery of London opened in 1875 and quickly became very well known...