X-Men dudes have lovely shirts

Have you seen the new X-Men movie, Days of Future Past? So much fun. But when I saw Wolverine’s shirt from the past, I was truly star-struck. Wha-what? Liberty of London shirt? Swoon!

Libery of London opened in 1875 and quickly became very well known for their Tana Lawn, a 100% cotton lightweight fabric with an very high thread count. The fabric is so drapy and smooth I have often been asked if it is silk. The fabric has seasonal prints, and often classic prints come back into production. The lovely shirt worn by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine looks to me like the Libery Ceasar.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in a dashingly manly Liberty of London Shirt

Liberty Lawn Ceasar

Beautiful! I’m not sure that colorway of Wolverine’s is currently in production, but if you want to make a gorgeous shirt, I do have some other Liberty Tana Lawn suggestions…

Liberty of London Tana Lawn Elizabeth Liberty of London Tana Lawn Strawberry Thief Liberty of London Tana Lawn Lodden

Liberty of London Tana Lawn Tatum Liberty of London Tana Lawn Ianthe Liberty of London Tana Lawn Hera

As for a pattern, may I suggest the Collette Negroni. This pattern is fully finished and beautiful! It is super easy to alter and the directions walk you through all sorts of more advanced techniques. I learned a lot making these shirts. Included is the short and long sleeve versions, and putting snaps on instead of buttons is super easy with the Snap Setter! If you are looking for a more feminine cut, try Cal Patch’s Button Down Shirt from Design it Yourself Clothes.

Luke's short-sleeved Collette Negroni Luke's short-sleeved Collette Negroni

Oh and then of course there is Magneto’s shirt. That fabric looks sooooo familiar… oh yeah! Emily's Hemp Denim shorts Magneto's Hemp Denim shirt Magneto's Hemp Denim shirt Fancy Tiger Craft's Hemp Denim

So if you need a hot new shirt, head on down to Fancy Tiger. They have the Hemp Denim, a lovely selection of Liberty, the Snap Setter and the Negroni pattern. Well done, X-Men wardrobe!

Check it Fancy Tiger Craft’s Blog!